since no-one is saying anything about the dragonfire just passed, i’ll throw in my R0.02

wanna read????

dragonfire this year was short for me… i saw an hour on saturday morning… bugged adeeb, then took moonflake through to the airport before returning with my laptop and some code that i’d neglected to finish and needed to be done by monday.

of course this meant that i did hardly any coding and spent large amounts of time bugging adeeb. once the rest of thurteem had finished playing we got stuck in with some good old poker. dealer’s choice saw many, many, many silly games but with a R1 buyin no-one minded and fun was had by all. (thanks for bringing cards and chips schpat).

we finished at about 3 am and babyacid ended up spending the night in the spare room (he needed to fetch adeeb that morning and northern suburbs are so far away) while i coded the code! at 4:30 am i was having a celebratory cigarette and cup of coffee before turning in. sometime around 07:00 a blurry greyscale image woke me up asking to be let out. with babyacid gone i caught a couple more hours sleep before returning to dragonfire where i proceeded to bug adeeb.

2 games. game 1: hostage drama thing… not terrible, but too much arguing and waiting and then a sudden rush of action that saw 2 characters dead and the other 2 (myself included here) wondering what happened and why we just spent 3 hours shouting at each other (in character and out… it was a little frustrating). i got stuck playing the asshole character who hates everyone. it said so on the character sheet… ok. i didn’t hate schpat’s character specifically… i just hated the fact that he/she was fbi and trying to steal my thunder. schpat should have played up his role as a kinda denis/denise cross-dressing fbi agent ala david duchoveny in twin peaks… but he didn’t 😦 at least there were lots of (real life) doughnuts to be had 🙂 (we were playing cops after all).
break between games: bug adeeb…

game 2: we had mike (mike, mike, mike, mike…) dm for us. we had a real fun game with us slowly turning into the riders of the apocolypse (i was death 😉 ) and traveling through the endtimes (although i must say… a plague of frogs is really lame when you’re riding an SUV. *splatsplatsplatsplatsplat-yawn-splatsplatsplat*). schpat won best player for his depiction of a female rainman / coder / famine. wd 🙂

bugged adeeb before leaving the venue and heading out…

the prizegiving was held in the usual place (the one ring) and was quite fun. schpat and i won a game of fuzzball and merryment was had by all. holeycrusader, yancke, evollusion, schpat, orkkhrist, roo, and myself ended up sitting in a corner talking about all the wacky adventures we’ve endured (ie: all the injuries we’ve sustained / caused as kids). to be more accurate: most of us were talking while evollusion cringed and kept trying to change the subject (i barely felt the pick-ax hit evollusion… it wasn’t that bad really).

schpat and i left around midnight… i got some sleep.

on a side note: the dragonfire mugs were pretty cool. i got one for moonflake (and for some coffee that i needed on sunday morning). the new CLAWs coat of arms looks pretty cool.

so that’s my report… someone else can fill in the gaping holes of missing information.

zen out.


2 Responses to d-fire

  1. zenstar says:

    i forgot to mention: archangel was down for the con too…
    as always: good to see her.
    (when you moving back to CT archangel???)

  2. dystopia says:

    saturday morning was a blur of too early in the morning, many many hangover (not too mention bad memories from the night before), as well as some cthulu, being lost in a cave that kept changing and old memories coming back to haunt us

    saturday afternoon was my module, people seemed to have much fun. i was happy with the result. the best moment i feel was holeycrusader playing the brad. they were out in the rain and arguing about something, when the brad shouts, “come on guys, let’s go. the brad is getting wet”. it was poetry in motion, beautiful. and all those that complained about the brad, you can like to suck. you know who you are

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