Atlas of the Walking Dead

I just purchased the PDF of Eden Studio’s Atlas of the Walking Dead, an All Flesh Must Be Eaten Source Book. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was, via Drive Thru RPG dot com. And I earned a whole $0.48 credit. Go me.

There are two reasons for this: reason one, i’m a huge All Flesh fan, and Zenstar has a lot of the books already so I’m just adding to the collection; reason two, i’m writing an All Flesh module for SchpatCon and I need stats for Mayan Zombies.

The book contains just over 100 pages of different zombie archtypes from all over the world, including south america, which is exactly what I was looking for. Last module my zombies were WWII Nazis (Mein Zombies), next module they’re going to be from asia (Chow Mein Zombies). I believe Zenstar already owns Enter the Zombie so i don’t think that’s going to be an issue.

Mmmmm…source-booky goodness. Now I just need to think of a plot…


3 Responses to Atlas of the Walking Dead

  1. synkronos says:

    I propose a motion to prefix every post on here with the author of said post. Like ‘By Moonflake’ or whatever as the first line, since it’s not immediately obvious who writes what.

    Thanks =)

  2. moonflake says:

    it says “posted by foo” at the bottom

  3. dystopia says:

    no it doesn’t, it generally says ‘posted by moonflake’ at the bottom

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