schpa7con: a zenstar’s perspective

schpatcon 2006 (7 deadly sins) ran over the weekend just passed. i was there… i saw it all… i ate the chilli!

since it was a long weekend schpat was able to abuse the monday too which gave the con a nice relaxed atmosphere. it was a lying atmosphere that covered the fact that this was possibly the worstly organised schpatcon we’ve had yet (is worstly even a word?). but the atmosphere was there nonetheless.

there were 7 fun-filled events (since this is schpatcon 7, theme: 7 deadly sins) each labled with an appropriate sin.

day 1:

  • pride: schpat’s gurps module. exemplary formating resulted in a fantastic module…
  • sloth: munchkin tournament. erm… i wasn’t watching but people played cards… roo organised it.
  • envy: the doomtown larp. there was chilli. lots of chilli. i ate the chilli! (the rabbit is good!)

schpat’s module went swimmingly, and i believe everyone had fun. unbeknownst to them the module had only been completed at about 01h00 that morning. a bleary-eyed me formatting and finding a cover picture…

the munchkin seemed to go well with garrick complaining about elves. *shrugs* i wasn’t paying attention… i think i was too busy trying to load my body with sugar and nicotine to stay awake.

the larp was great fun. i got to play a russian miner. it was my job to missinterperate everyone’s english and to spread rumours in broken english while not understanding anyone. there was some sort of underlying story that the other characters were involved in, but since i couldn’t understand them i was more interested in the excellent chilli and alchohol. the only problem with the larp is that it started late (because schpat and moonflake were desperately completing character sheets earlier that day) and ended at about 02h00 the next day. everyone’s costumes were fantastic. schpat looked fantastic in his barkeep getup (including bowler hat wich stayed with him for the rest of the con) and moonflake made yancke uncomfortable with her cleavage (she played the madam and looked wonderful). eventually we all went home so that we could wake up late for tomorrow.

day 2:

  • lust: my tristat Dx module. 30 pages of text to confuse gm’s with.
  • greed: the poker tournament. texas hold ’em with bounty.
  • the magic tourney: loosely affiliated with us… people had fun apparently… it was downstairs.

everything started late. i was only half awake and most people didn’t start arriving until after the official start time of the module. eventually we managed to round up 2 and a half teams… then we axed the half team as we couldn’t fill the last 2 spaces, and things about 3 hours late. there was plenty of leftover chilli and i ate a substantial amount… in fact i think only evo.llusion came close to my consumption. eventually the module ended and the poker began; at which point moonflake and i decided that going home and sleeping would be a fantastic plan, so we did!

day 3:

  • gluttony: moonflake’s zombie (all flesh must be eaten) module. part 2 of the MZ series.
  • wrath: the soul calibre III tournament (playstation 2) followed by tekken 4 beatings.

after having had a little sleep, we managed to arrive on time and things ran a little smoother. the module started barely late, and finished roughly on time. schpat bought heroscape from dibby / outer limits and dystopia, ork_khrist, schpat, moonflake, and myself all played at one point or another. it was actually pretty cool. the soul calibre III tournament was very cool with 10 people competing for the title of ultimate warrior (or something). a complete range of skills starting from complete noob and going all the way to synk. some people showed us that button mashing is still alive and kicking as a viable fighting style, but they were eventually knocked out. fun was had overall and eventually synk reigned supreme and well and truly kicked my ass in the final 5 round battle for 1st / 2nd place. i would mention who came third but i needed a cigarette to counteract the adreneline.

finally, after packing up, we all went to celebrate a successfull schpatcon (and by successfull i mean schpat broke about even, and then spent a whack of cash on heroscape) by going down to the starlight diner and stuffing ourselves with starters and burgers. their service wasn’t fantastic but their burgers were. synk ordered the yankee doodle burger and i was waiting for him to pop, but he took half of it home in a doggybag, depriving us of the fun of watching him rupture something while trying to finish it.
all in all i think everyone had fun in spite of the rushing around, the blown plugs, the lack of sleep, and general craziniess. a big “thank you” to schpat, as usual, for organising / running.

things of interest: synk likes pectin sweets (much philosophising was done over the dichotomy of pectin and gelatin fruit pastilles), feminine pads were used as a bounty in the poker tournament (wtf?), holey_crusader never remembered krakatoa once (or whatever that game is called), dibby sold loads of comics to moonflake (but refused to let me steal his anime figurines), and schpat only had to return the rented bowler hat on tuesday.

that’s about all i can remember at the moment with my sleep deprived brain. i’m sure people can add their comments / do their own posts.

zen, out!


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