With Al leaving sometime in the next month, our longest-running game ever (I believe) will be forced to a close. Having survived the abandonment of two previous players (Shelagh and the prodigal Stuart), it seems that third time is the charm, with the DM being the one vacating his seat this time. It has been a really fantastic time while it lasted, if a little dramatic at times =) However, I do feel that it is time for it to end, as it is seeming a little directionless at the moment.

Hooray for a great game =) Now, volunteers for the next? I seem to remember someone offering a Song of Ice and Fire game at some point…


5 Responses to Denouement

  1. dystopia says:

    i have had some ideas for several different games, so i would be keen to run something for you monkeys. however, as i haven’t roleplayed for about a year, i would need to play for a while to get back into things, before running anything. otherwise it would be a terrible experience all round

  2. archarad says:

    I would like to point out that I did not abandon you in the same vein as one Half-Orc.

    It’s a pity that The Game TM is coming to an end – and that I won’t be there for the next one 😦

    Woe is Shelagh for she doth miss her friends and roleplaying.

  3. Aki says:

    Off-topic, but anyway: Do you know you have made the hexagram in the logo wrong? If it is drawn like that, it stands for God. I guess you ment to make the Satanic symbol. Uh, I can’t explain, check this:

  4. moonflake says:

    Aki, you complete n00b, where do you get off assuming we meant it to be satanic? I’m assuming you meant the PENTAGRAM in the title image… i don’t see any hexagrams anywhere here. Because hexagrams have six points, like the star of david.


  5. dystopia says:

    actually, the pentagram, if that is what the n00b is referring to, has nothing to do with god. the inverted one has been used by satanists, but i’m fairly sure that the right way up one has nothing to do with any outwardly monotheistic religions

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