Ten Thousand Fists

February 22, 2007

So we have this blog that never gets posted to, and I have this DnD game that might start any week now. So I thought that putting some info here would make it look like we aren’t nearly as lazy as we are.

The basic theory is that you are ‘warriors’ in a semi nomadic tribe that roams the plains. You are about to head off on a raid to steal back some cattle, and perhaps, a few in recompense. There will be 14 people sent out, including you lot. This is the basic attack unit of the tribe, known as a fist. You have all been on a few raids before, but this is your first major one.

Your tribe is predominantly human. Any non humans have been adopted into the tribe, although you might be second generation. Alternatively, you were stolen to replace someone’s child that was killed in a raid. Regardless of your origin, you are accepted based on how you aid the tribe.

With regards to history, you know that you arrived on the plains recently. No one knows how recently or how you arrived. Technology is slightly less advanced than most DnD settings, but you will have access to most normal equipment. I will veto anything that would be out of place. You start with 2700gp worth of equipment, but no actual gold pieces. If you have spare gold after buying equipment, it will be favours that the tribe will bestow upon you. All the equipment that you have is stolen from someone else, or given as a gift. The tribe does not really manufacture metal items and there are very few trees that are worth more than burning. No one knows where the items come from, but there always seems to be enough.

More to follow …