Fridge Quotes

Fridge Quotes are snippets of conversation that are amusing, especially when taken out of context. Sometimes, even when taken in context. They have a history that trails back to a student digs in Rondebosch, fondly referred to as Bognor (for the name of the road it was in), where this pearl of wisdom was uttered aloud by Simon:

Rice expands.

It ended up on a piece of paper affixed to the fridge, and was soon joined by many others. And so was born the tradition of the fridge quote.

These days, our fridge exists in cyberspace. Herewith, the fridge quotes of ThurTeem, to be added as they are encountered. 

Moonflake: “Eros backwards is sore.” 

Holeycrusader: “Common, mutherfucker, do you speak it?”

Schpat: “There’s no seduction skill in D&D” Archangel: “Yes there is. Use Rope.”


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